Lawyer Profiles

Lawyer Profiles

The law firm of Carlson & KociperPC consists of two partners, Michael W. Carlson and Sonia T. Kociper.

Michael W. Carlson

Michael is the founding partner of Carlson & KociperPC and head of the Civil Litigation Department. Michael’s practice embraces real estate disputes of all shapes and sizes, real estate fraud, estate litigation and wrongful dismissal.

Michael has a reputation for assertive and efficient representation, with a focus on achieving successful results for his clients.

He vigorously pursues the most efficient methods of resolving client disputes and as a result has participated in numerous mediations to achieve client goals.

Before launching his own firm, Michael worked with a prominent Toronto-based boutique litigation firm, where he was involved in many high-profile cases.

Although usually immersed in legal issues, Michael enjoys his leisure time cooking elaborate meals for friends and family, and exploring Toronto’s culture with his wife and two daughters.

If you need a Litigation Lawyer, please feel free to contact Michael directly at:

t: 416.365.1253


Sonia T. Kociper

Sonia offers service in Real Estate transactions, Property and Municipal Litigation, Business Law and Wills & Estates at Carlson & KociperPC.

Prior to joining the firm of Carlson & KociperPC, Sonia gained extensive experience in her areas of practice from a leading and prestigious full-service firm and Urban Planning and Development boutique in Toronto. Spring-boarding from there, she became the managing partner of a successful law firm over the course of the last 9 years.

Sonia’s extensive experience in representing clients before the Committee of Adjustment, Ontario Municipal Board, and various other Courts and Tribunals allows her to analyze Real Estate issues from all perspectives. At Carlson & KociperPC, we recognize the importance of enhancing our client’s position and working closely with planners, architects, surveyors, and other professionals to ensure effective results.

Sonia’s extensive business acumen enables her to effectively provide service to her clients on different contracts and business structures. Sonia’s attention to detail, compassion and refreshing approach, all combined with her expertise, makes her a valuable asset to Carlson & KociperPC and clients. In her spare time, Sonia enjoys relaxing with her family, as well as playing a spirited game of volleyball.

If you need a Real Estate Lawyer or have any legal questions regarding Property, Wills & Estates, or Business, please feel free to reach Sonia at:

t: 416.850.0686
f: 1.866.293.7075

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