Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

It is of utmost importance that our clients know that we take their privacy seriously. All
personal information and information pertaining to and regarding legal notices, claims and
intentions are held in the strictest of confidence. In no way will documents or recordings be
used by outside or third parties for any reason including marketing or incidences outside of the
intended purposes of the documents and other legalities intentioned by the client.

For specific matters and claims, please contact us at our office.

Policy Changes

Although policy intentions change from time to time, all notices of changes will be made known
to our clients. In most cases, changes are minor, but from time to time, if for example, a new
partner comes on board, any legal notices made during times when significant changes happen
will be also be made known.

For any questions pertaining to services as part of our performance agreements, please contact us.






by Michael Carlson